A behind the scenes look at the lead generation funnel the top 1% of injury law firms use to dominate the competition.

Your Law Firm Won't Survive 2024 Without Making Significant Changes To Your Marketing Systems...

As an injury firm, you operate in one of the most competitive markets on the planet and it's only getting harder

📈 There's more lawyers turning to injury law (because it's the only practice area that makes real money anymore).

📈 The top firms are spending millions per month on marketing / advertising, which makes it hard to break through the noise.

📈 The level of competition raises the cost of marketing and advertising, costing you tens of thousands of dollars to generate leads.

📉 You're forced to hire agencies that always over promise and under deliver.

📉 Your inbound leads have been steadily decreasing over the years. Channels that once produced great results are no longer viable for your business anymore.

📉 The leads you do get are mostly tire kickers, burning your intake team's time and energy.

The good news is - you're not alone

Every injury firm in the country is experiencing these issues. 

The better news is - we have a solution for you.

⚠️ WARNING: If You Keep Reading, You Will Fire Your Current Agency On The Spot.

The reason you struggle is because you're doing the exact same thing as your competitors.

The only way to win that game is to outspend the market. 

So unless you're prepared to spend $1,000,000/month, you need a different strategy.

👋 My name is Ryan Stewart...

Last Year I Helped 72 Personal Injury Law Firms Generate Millions Of Dollars In New Cases By Fixing Their Marketing Funnel.

Over the last 15 years I've worked on marketing campaigns for Best Buy, Target, Universal Studios...There's nothing more competitive than the injury space.

The last 9 years of my career have been dedicated to helping law firms build marketing funnels that bring in consistent, high quality leads

Through the years I've developed a framework that flat out gets results. I deployed this framework for 72 law firms this past year.

The chart below looks simple, but it's built on years worth of research and data collection on how clients discover and hire injury law firms.

With this level of insight, we're able to build a funnel that understand exactly how to reach injury clients without having to outspend the market.

This Exact Marketing Funnel Produces Results Like These On A Regular Basis For Law Firms Across The USA.

+550% Increase In Leads For Accident Attorney Client In Atlanta
+259% Increase In Leads For NYC Injury Attorney
+460% Increase In Leads For Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer

Click below and see the exact funnel the top 1% of injury law firms are using to steal your clients.

Get instant access by clicking the button below. 

You should watch this video IF... 

✅ You're a partner, attorney or marketing specialist at an injury / accident law firm.

✅ You operate in a difficult market, with a lot of aggressive law firms competing for leads.

✅ You're not generating enough inbound leads to meet your growth goals.

✅ The leads you are generating are mostly tire kickers that drain your team's time and energy.

✅ You're tired of agencies wasting your money (and time) and you're looking for a lead generation strategy that actually works.

Specifically, This Is What You Will Learn

✅ A copy and paste lead generation funnel built specifically for the needs of injury law firms.

✅ A blueprint on how to dominate Google (without the help of an agency).

✅ How to finally start creating impactful video content, and how to create months of video in less than three hours.

✅ Inside strategies on how to get PPC Ads to work without breaking the bank or maxing out your credit card.

✅ A look at real Facebook Ads campaigns that drives leads for injury law firms.

✅ Building your own law firm marketing "flywheel" that propels performance across the business without your direct input.

✅ Strategies to spy on the competition and benchmark your law firm vs theirs. 

Here's Some Of The Exact Material I Will Cover Throughout The Video... 


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